May Wednesday, 2011 at 8:54 pm

Zombie Outlaw #1 Review : by Ain’t it Cool

Ah, the glory days of college. Busty babes, brawny brutes and your part-time zombies. What, your place of higher learning didn’t feature killer zombies entombed in the bowels of the campus library? Sheesh, you shoulda transferred to Irvine State University (ISU) where you could have majored in Zombie Arts alongside Will Simers and his resident advisor Matt Naismith.


Too complicated? No problem, picking up ZOMBIE OUTLAW #1 will give you the same experience and won’t put you 100k in debt. This latest entry into the saturated genre of flesh-eating zombies is big, bright and fun. Right away you’ll notice that B. Paul Jordan’s artwork has a very lighthearted and cartoony feel that is a refreshing change from the Ross clones that take themselves way too seriously. I’m reminded of the old RADICAL RICK animated strip from the back of the BMX Plus magazine in the late 80’s in its ability to stay both edgy and accessible at the same time. Simply put, this is a comic book that delivers.


Of course the plot (just like most zombie plots) is graphene-thin but just as strong. Writer Brian J. Apodaca isn’t trying to invent the wheel because that’s impossible. The wheel has already been invented, just like the zombie comic book has already been done ad nauseam. ZOMBIE OUTLAW succeeds because it recognizes the limitations of its source material and instead focuses on exploiting its strengths.


To that end, this book is filled with all the components a jaded reader might demand when grading this effort. Unlikely hero? Check. Girl with big tits? Check. Hapless bystanders with exposed flesh and slow reflexes? Check. If you must know, the ISU campus rests on the site of an 1872 zombie battle that now houses the corpse of outlaw Edward Dransby. On that corpse is a super-special hat that would really help elevate the grade of Matt Naismith’s thesis — but don’t expect ol’ Eddy to just hand it over.


Yup, this is Zombies 101 that reads more like an honors class. Credit to the team of Jordan and Apodaca for making it work. That’s a pretty tall order in this day and age considering how may times we’ve had zombies shoved down our throats, but like BREAKFAST WITH ROB, the gang behind ZOMBIE OUTLAW resists the urge to paint by numbers and instead creates a comic book that doesn’t require any kind of intense commitment or 18 issue character arc to enjoy. You pick it up, read it and have fun. That’s the reason I got into comics in the first place and a re-emerging trend that I for one am hoping will continue. For anyone that’s looking to join that movement, ZOMBIE OUTLAW is as good a place to start as any.


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