May Wednesday, 2011 at 8:58 pm

Zombie Outlaw #1 Review : by Comic Book Bin

Zombie Outlaw #1 is a self-published comic book from writerBrian J. Apodaca and artist B. Paul Jordan.  Apodaca has previously self-published Reunion and Fire Never Forgets.


Zombie Outlaw is a kind of weird horror/fantasy title set at Irvine State University where the students are just like other college students.  The story opens to find resident geek Matt Naismith trying to romance sexy co-ed, K.T. Delaney.  Matt turns to Will Simers aka “The Brain,” a self-styled ladies man and archeologist, for help in catching K.T.’s attention.  Will agrees, but he wants something in return, and that something is a quest to find a relic.  But the relic belongs to the legendary “Zombie Outlaw.”


Zombie Outlaw is a comic horror title, mixing traditional horror comic books with a little Saturday morning cartoon style and Joe Lansdale, but it is a comic book.  Zombie Outlaw #1 doesn’t strike me as one of those comic books that wants to be something else (like a screenplay).  It starts off a college comedy (which didn’t interest me), but the second half is actually quite intriguing.  I’m interested to see where this goes.


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