May Friday, 2011 at 7:35 pm

Zombie Outlaw #1 Review : by Undead in the Head

I was contacted by Brian Apodaca asking if I would review his comic book. He must have seen my zombie comic book week and wanted to get his into the mix. I agreed and a few days later there was a copy of Zombie Outlaw with a few stickers and promotional items waiting for me at the post office. When I first opened the package I didn’t know what to expect.


Irvine State University has its secrets, but Matt Naismith doesn’t care. All he cares about is impressing K.T. Delaney, the school’s hottie. Matt seeks the wisdom of Will Simers, the resident adviser. Matt wants to make K.T. notice him and he believes Will can help. But in return for his help, Matt must first help him venture into the crypts of the school’s library to uncover the remains of the Zombie Outlaw.


When I first looked at the comic book’s cover it was not what I expected. With a name like Zombie Outlaw I was expecting a serious comic book about the old west with zombies. But what I got was a goofy modern day story about a kid in love. Honestly, this book was a fun read. It might not have been what I was expecting, but it did the trick. Within the first few pages, it had my laughing. On page two there is a picture of Matt on the computer, above him on the wall is a poster that reads, “Read, or be terminated,” with a picture of the terminator. That hit my funny bone so hard that my side hurt.


Yes this comic book is not to be taken as a serious story. It was a bit strange because the illustrations, done by B. Paul Jordan, looked to be out of a kid’s book, but the dialogue and situations are for adults. But like I said before, it works for this story.


Since I only have one issue to go by, I can’t give it the proper rating it deserves. There wasn’t much zombie action in this issue. The first image was about zombies and somewhere in the middle there was a brief explanation about the Zombie Outlaw. But I’m sure as the comic continues the reader will get more interaction with zombies. So, because there wasn’t much zombie play in the first issue I will have to give Zombie Outlaw, 3 Undead Heads out of 5.


Zombie Outlaw is available through the ComiXpress website. You can follow the link below to purchase your own copy of this fun book.


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