May Wednesday, 2011 at 8:59 pm

About Us

Zombie Outlaw first hit the scene in 2010, albeit on a small-scale.

Artist Benny Jordan and Writer Brian Apodaca had spent the year crafting the tale, and now it was finally time for it to see the light of day.

With numerous reviews and great feedback from the fans, Benny and Brian are back at it, crafting a tale to continue the story, fill in some gaps and question marks, and expand upon that great, brain-munching zombie action which has only just begun to envelop the fine students of Irvine State University.


Look for pin-ups and posters from guest artists as the next issue nears completion over the course of the next year!


Great artists such as:


Comics Buyer’s Guide cover contest winner, Mark Alvarado!

( )


Canadian Game-Developer / Artist- Extraordinaire, Derek Laufman! (


Concept artist and former animator, Grace Kelly!


Brilliant Sacramento-based comic artist and publisher (and collaborator with Zombie Outlaw artist, Benny Jordan, on the book Shadow Hunters!), Jason Dube!


Comic Book artist and animator, Arturo Morales!

(artist on comics Fire Never Forgets, Reunion and for the website


Illustrator, Branding Guru, and Geekdomwear Co-owner, Topher Davila! (



all look to be making contributions and depicting THEIR VERSIONS of Zombie Outlaw’s Matt Naismith, Will Simers, K.T. Delaney, and of course – The Zombie Outlaw himself!! Stay tuned as these great visions come to life, and keep checking back for updates on issue #2!

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