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Zombie Outlaw #1 Review : by Buy Zombie

Zombie comics are nowhere near as common as their novel counterparts but theyve been coming up quite a bit more often as of late. So when Brian Apodaca wanted to know if we were up to reviewing his and B. Paul Jordan’s comic, Zombie Outlaw, I was interested (nothing to do with being obcessed with zombies, honest.) I went into the comic not exactly knowing what to expect aside from the idea that there would be ‘some’ kind of a western theme. However that particular theme meets curse when we forward to a present day setting.


So the first comic, as any origin story has to do, sets us up with both the main characters and quite possibly the villian. Taking place at Irvine State University we are introduced to three characters off the bat who appear to be the leads of the story: Matt Naismith (a geek who is smitten), K.T. (The young woman he is smitten with), and finally Will Simers (Matt’s friend who promises to help him ‘get the girl’ in exchange for help.


I’m going to note right here that we have a romantic comedy feeling starting right at the beginning that switches over to a campy comic about pocession. The style right off the bat lets you know we’re going with some humorous horror and not a dead on scary story being told.


What kind of help? Well thats where the story gets going as it starts with a book about the history of the town that Irvine State University is in and tell of how a town was robbed blind by a cowboy era thief and soon appears to have to turn to him as their savior. Right at this point we don’t get a lot of details as the comic quickly jumps to something that’s dead coming to life by apparently pocessing Will. Serves him right for wanting to track down something undead related thats locked away. It looks as if history is about to repeat itself and as Matt flees from the scene he is able to save K.T. and run out of the library she was studying at just in time for the comic to come to a screeching halt.


We were able to see some of the apparent zombies that will be filling the upcoming pages in a flashback with the history of the story itself but in present day time all we see is a pocessed Will Simers.


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